MyIntro - CV/Resume Theme

MyIntro - CV/Resume Theme


MyIntro - CV/Resume Theme

This documentation is last updated on 28 April 2022

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Folder Directories -

  • images

    This folder contains all the images of MyIntro HTML template.

  • fonts

    This folder font files for various template features.

  • css

    This folder contains all the CSS files of MyIntro HTML template.

  • js

    This folder has all javascript files for various template features.

  • Plugins

    This folder has all plugins used in the template.

  • script

    This folder has all script contact form used in the template.

  • media

    This folder All Video.

Html File -

  • 01-index-photographer.html

    Photographer home page

  • 01-about-us-photographer.html

    Photographer about us page

  • 01-portfolio-photographer.html

    Photographer portfolio page

  • 01-resume-photographer.html

    Photographer resume page

  • 02-index-business-man.html

    Business home page

  • 02-about-us-business-man.html

    Business about us page

  • 02-portfolio-business-man.html

    Business portfolio page

  • 02-resume-business-man.html

    Business resume page

  • 03-index-modal.html

    Modal home page

  • 03-about-us-modal.html

    Modal about us page

  • 03-portfolio-modal.html

    Modal portfolio page

  • 03-resume-modal.html

    Modal resume page

  • 04-index-doctor.html

    Doctor home page

  • 04-about-us-doctor.html

    Doctor about us page

  • 04-portfolio-doctor.html

    Doctor portfolio page

  • 04-resume-doctor.html

    Doctor resume page

  • 05-index-security.html

    Security home page

  • 05-about-us-security.html

    Security about us page

  • 05-portfolio-security.html

    Security portfolio page

  • 05-resume-security.html

    Security resume page

  • 06-index-health-coach.html

    Health coach home page

  • 06-about-us-health-coach.html

    Health coach about us page

  • 06-portfolio-health-coach.html

    Health coach portfolio page

  • 06-resume-health-coach.html

    Health coach resume page

  • 07-index-electrician.html

    Electrician home page

  • 07-about-us-electrician.html

    Electrician about us page

  • 07-portfolio-electrician.html

    Electrician portfolio page

  • 07-resume-electrician.html

    Electrician resume page

  • 08-index-blogger.html

    Blogger home page

  • 08-about-us-blogger.html

    Blogger about us page

  • 08-portfolio-blogger.html

    Blogger portfolio page

  • 08-resume-blogger.html

    Blogger resume page

  • 09-index-web-developer.html

    Web developer home page

  • 09-about-us-web-developer.html

    Web developer about us page

  • 09-portfolio-web-developer.html

    Web developer portfolio page

  • 09-resume-web-developer.html

    Web developer resume page

  • 10-index-swimmer.html

    Swimmer home page

  • 10-about-us-swimmer.html

    Swimmer about us page

  • 10-portfolio-swimmer.html

    Swimmer portfolio page

  • 10-resume-swimmer.html

    Swimmer resume page

  • 11-index-dance-trainer.html

    Dance trainer home page

  • 11-about-us-dance-trainer.html

    Dance trainer about us page

  • 11-portfolio-dance-trainer.html

    Dance trainer portfolio page

  • 11-resume-dance-trainer.html

    Dance trainer resume page

  • 12-index-news-anchor.html

    News anchor home page

  • 12-about-us-news-anchor.html

    News anchor about us page

  • 12-portfolio-news-anchor.html

    News anchor portfolio page

  • 12-resume-news-anchor.html

    News anchor resume page

  • 13-index-youtube.html

    Youtube home page

  • 13-about-us-youtube.html

    Youtube about us page

  • 13-portfolio-youtube.html

    Youtube portfolio page

  • 13-resume-youtube.html

    Youtube resume page

  • index.html

    index page

  • about-us.html

    about us page

  • contact-us.html

    contact us page

  • portfolio.html

    portfolio page

  • resume.html


CSS Files -

  • plugins

    This css include all css

  • style.css

    Main Style CSS file is globally used

  • style.min.css

    CSS minified version for best performance.

  • templete.css

    This CSS used in particular/some pages

  • templete.min.css

    CSS minified version for best performance.

Skin Css

  • skin-1.css

    Orange Color

  • skin-2.css

    Blue Color

  • skin-3.css

    Golden Color

  • skin-4.css

    Yellow Color

  • skin-5.css

    Yellow Dark Color

Plugins Css

  • animate.css


  • bootstrap.min.css


  • bootstrap-select.min.css


  • bootstrap-select.min.css


  • font-awesome.min.css


  • fontawesome-all.css


  • fontawesome-all.min.css


  • slippry.css


  • lightgallery.css


  • lightgallery.min.css


  • line-awesome.css


  • line-awesome.min.css


  • owl.carousel.css


  • scrollbar.css


  • themify-icons.css


JavaScript Files -

  • custom.js

  • custom.min.js.js

  • dz.ajax.js

  • dz.carousel.js

  • dz.carousel.min.js

  • jquery.min.js

  • js-coad-bg.js

  • rain-strom.js

  • wow.js

  • wave.js

Plugins JavaScript

  • bootstrap.min.js

  • bootstrap-select.min.js

  • popper.min.js

  • bootstrap-select.min

  • jquery.bootstrap-touchspin.js

  • countdown-main.js

  • jquery.countdown.js


  • kinetic.js

  • imagesloaded.js

  • slippry.min.js

  • vendors.js

  • lightgallery.js

  • lightgallery.min.js

  • lightgallery-all.js

  • lightgallery-all.min.js

  • masonry.filter.js

  • masonry-3.1.4.js

  • owl.carousel.js


  • particles.js


  • jquery.ripples.js

  • scrollbar.min.js

HTML Structure




Footer Essentials


Contact Form Handler -


Share Button -




Register your website and get Secret Key.

Very first thing you need to do is register your website on Google recaptcha to do that click here.

Login to your Google account and submit the form.


Once submit, Google will provide you following two information.

  • Site key
  • Secret key

Integrate Google reCAPTCHA in your website.

To integrate it into your website you need to put it in client side as well as in Server side. In client HTML page you need to integrate this line before HEADtag.


And to show the widget into your form you need to put this below contact form, comment form etc.


When the form get submit to Server, this script will send ‘g-recaptcha-response’ as a POST data. You need to verify it in order to see whether user has checked the Captcha or not.

Sample project

Here is the HTML code for the simple form with comment box and submit button. On submit of this form we will use PHP in back-end to do the Google reCAPTCHA validation.


This will generate this form.


On server side i am using PHP for now. So on Form submit request we will check the POST variable.


try out the demo to see how it works.

AddThis -

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Version History - #back to top

28 April 2022

  • HTML Improvement
  • CSS Improvement
  • Design Improvement
  • Updates:- jQuery 3.6.0
  • Updates:- counterup.min.js
  • Updates:- waypoints-min.js
  • Updates:- Blog Detail
  • Updates:- Contact Form Updates
  • Added:- Coming Soon Page
  • Added:- 404 Page
  • Added:- Subscribe Option
  • Added:- Under Maintenance
  • Added:- New Header

27 March 2021

  • HTML Improvement
  • CSS Improvement

11 November 2020

  • Added : One new home page for swimmer
  • Added : One new home page for Dancing Trainer
  • Added : One new home page for News Anchor
  • Added : One new home page for UI/UZ Designer
  • Fixed : some minor bugs of js and css
  • Fixed : responsive issue of logo on mobile and tablet screen
  • Improved : style.css file
  • Improved : Header and Footer Section
  • Improved : Page loading speed (css and js file)

22 May 2020

  • New - Created & Upload MyIntro